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Welcome to The Postal Poetry Society

The Postal Poetry Society is an informal network of friends, relatives and lovers of poetry & picture postcards.

We are a society dedicated to sharing our experiences through the medium of poetry delivered from around the world by the use of postcards.

Sending postcards to friends & family whilst on holiday may be in decline in the digital age. However, we know how much we enjoy receiving them, especially when people have taken the trouble to write a short poem which might describe their experience of a place or captures a moment in time.

Not only are post cards sent from people that are close to you, but it’s also a great way for companies to show appreciation to their clients. Some businesses/brands such as kratommasters create personalized cards with a short description of what they are all about.

Have a browse and see what you think.


Membership is free.

Simply write a short poem on a picture postcard and send it to a friend and/or relative who you know would appreciate receiving it. Also, send a copy to the Postal Poetry Society.

Given the limited space available on a postcard popular forms are the Japanese haiku (three lines of five, seven, five syllables respectively) and the limerick (five lines with lines one, two and five rhyming and lines three and four rhyming).

Spirit of Place

Some of the poems pay homage to the ‘Spirit of Place’ – the distinctive atmosphere, a personal intangible feeling that comes from an emotional engagement with a place. It could be inspired by memory or nostalgia, or a sense of nature.


There are lots more postcards still to be uploaded, so come back and visit again.